Continuing with its legacy of making digital workflows smoother for enterprise operations, ServiceNow recently announced the expansion of its services into the manufacturing vertical. The announcement came at the Knowledge 2021 digital conference. They are extending their operational areas into operations technology (OT) through a range of service management tools.

So, what does this mean for you? The stakes are much higher this time. Continue reading as we show you what the offerings from ServiceNow mean for your manufacturing business.

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New Tools

The existing ServiceNow platform focuses extensively on IT services management, including IoT environments and employee management. ServiceNow’s expansion into the manufacturing vertical has a set of industry-specific offerings propelled by their Now platform. 

The Operational Technology Management service will help your manufacturing business bring OT and IT on a single platform. The Now platform will automate workflows in OT environments just like how it helps improve the efficiencies of IT teams.

The Existing Scenario

For a long time, manufacturing businesses have used a range of tools to take care of OT processes. These tools would either have packaged or custom applications. The internal teams would have to build, deploy, maintain, and secure them. All of these are problems of the past with ServiceNow. The application helps you maintain, secure, and extend the operations through its low-code tools. 

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The Changing Landscape

The OT and IT management processes would have come together sooner than later. It got a further push in recent years as manufacturing companies looked to drive digital transformation and bolster the investment in IoT. With the blurring lines between OT and IT, professionals from both segments can expect to work more collaboratively. 

The collaboration can be beneficial in many ways, including safeguarding systems and networks from cyber threats. Manufacturing is one of the most critical processes whose downtime can directly hamper the revenue of an organization.

The Now platform also provides information related to the utilization of employees in manufacturing environments. With coronavirus-induced social distancing measures and lockdowns, automating these tasks has become more critical than ever.

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