The quality of customer service delivered by an organization is determined by the speed of resolution and ease of experience. Most organizations struggle to maintain high-quality levels because of fragmented service workflow, absence of right tools, lack of trained resources, budgetary constraints, etc. Having all of these in place at all times is a relentless struggle which is why customer attrition, lesser conversions, and even fall in employee morale is a common thing with organizations. With the advent of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, organizations can now get complete control over all these hassles and make customer service more efficient than ever before.

The ServiceNow Customer Service Management application is a set of workflows and tools that streamlines all interactions with customers through communication channels such as email, web,  chat,  social media, and telephone. It comprehensively manages the customer experience (CX), regardless of the engagement channel or type of interaction/transaction by automating common tasks, connecting systems, workflows, and departments, and resolving issues proactively.

How does ServiceNow Customer Management Application help to enhance Customer Engagement?

Today, customers want seamless and efficient service round-the-clock and across a wide range of channels. To meet this need, organizations need to expand their customer service teams to levels that are practically hard to achieve and maintain. However, with the ServiceNow CSM application, it is always possible to have a scalable and cost-effective solution because it relies more on automation and artificial intelligence than human resources to meet diverse and evolving customer service demands.

Here’s how you can enhance customer engagement with your brand using ServiceNow Customer Management:

Create Digital, Automated Workflows

ServiceNow Customer Service Management uses software that enables you to customize and digitize all your workflows. You can design these workflows around common customer requests received by your front and back departments. You can also automate everyday tasks that would otherwise require time and resources.

Since these automated workflows will address popular customer concerns and issues, your customer service department will have ample time on its hands to focus on improving essential aspects of its service. It will also ensure employee productivity and excellent workflow management.

Migrate Existing Systems to a Better, More Enhanced Software

If you have been operating a legacy system, use ServiceNow to overcome your system’s flaws. It’s an advanced, high-tech system that will enable you to easily migrate from your ancient one without the fear of losing your existing data or experiencing downtime.  Time to say goodbye to your old system’s downtime, lags, and failures.

Predict Customer Trends

With performance analytics, you can use ServiceNow customer service management to determine the KPIs you need to monitor for the utmost customer satisfaction. It’s essentially one of the best ways to empower your business with a treasure trove of knowledge about how your customers will act and what they expect and need from you. This way, you can fulfill their expectations and boost your customer satisfaction rates.

Automated, Personalized Email Marketing

You can also use ServiceNow to create automated email flows to address customer concerns. Moreover, you can create automated personalized emails for your customers for different events, product updates, and more. It will not only save your employees time but also help your customers feel valued.

Real-time Collaborative Environment

A customer service management software is designed to provide you with the visibility you need across varied departments to improve your customer service. Each department addresses its customers’ concerns and queries in real-time and collaborates to provide its customers with a holistic experience.

Customizable Service

With seamless implementation, this software provides you with the room to customize your services and their various features according to your needs. This way, you will facilitate your customer journey and provide your clients with excellent service on your terms while keeping their satisfaction front and center.

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