Do you feel that your decision-making process can improve for better work efficiency and profits? Well, you can surely do that with the help of the right data and business insights. Getting there is not difficult as you have several related tools available. But picking the right one from the lot is essential.

Power BI has quickly emerged as a reliable tool in recent years for business intelligence and data visualization. Leveraging it can help you make data-driven decisions for improved benefits. Let’s take a look at how all of that is possible.

What is Power BI?

Power BI

Power BI is a data visualization and business intelligence tool that converts data into analysis reports and interactive dashboards. You can collate the data from various sources and add it to the platform. It is a cloud-based service platform that allows users to create their dashboards and reports.

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Power BI has something for everyone. Desktop users have the options of the Service-based (SaaS) model and desktop version of the application. Mobile users also have the related application. The tool also offers different software connectors for business intelligence.

The Features That Give Power BI an Edge

Here are some exceptional features of Power BI that help it stand out from its competition.

  • Quick Insights

It is one of the best features of the tool that generates results within seconds. You can look for information in dashboard tiles or datasets. The feature is helpful for trends, correlations, outliers, and much more. 

  • Natural language Q&A 

The tool offers Cortana, a natural language processing and recognition engine. You can directly analyse the data by asking questions without any syntax or code.

  • M-functions

The feature allows you to transform data source objects. When you change the data type of a column, there are usually multiple M expressions that get created. The expressions get copied to a document and stored as queries in the application files. 

  • Query integration

The tool can integrate multiple queries with the help of the merge and append function. You can integrate data from various sources or consolidate files from different locations. Reports also get implemented with complete security and efficiency.

  • Modelling relationships

The data analysis expressions and data modelling feature of Power BI help in supporting modelling relationships for different business requirements. The data model of the tool has both DAX measures and bidirectional relationships.

  • Maths and statistics integration

You can use several functions like clustering, forecasting, and quick insights on historical data. When you embed the logic of these functions in DAX measures, you can get several statistical and mathematical analyses. 

  • Multiple filtering conditions

As one of the vital functions, you can get excellent filtering options. It applies to the data model, query, and visualization components. The workload of data models also gets reduced since M functions, and the query editor filters the queries.

How Power BI makes BI more Precise?

outsource Power BI services

Power BI helps you analyse your data to make efficient decisions and improve processes. You get the tools that aid strategic analysis of the consolidation of data streams for better accessibility and data insights.

How does Power BI make Business Intelligence Precise and Powerful?

Power BI helps users analyze data to derive insights useful for decision-making. With the new updates, the Microsoft tool can support businesses in diverse ways:

1. Track data through the Cloud: Power BI for small businesses can help organizations track data stored in an Azure server. Users can churn out several dashboards based on data sets stored online on the server.

2. Remote Access for Report Generation: Power BI features work on multiple mobile platforms. Users can utilize the Refresh Report attribute to generate reports based on the latest real-time data. Users can generate multiple reports and combine them, reflecting the smallest changes in the data sets. For example, airport workers who work remotely can stay abreast of the latest climate changes and flight data through prompt mobile notifications. The data related to arrival and departure of flights can notify service personnel, including food service professionals, to get ready about incoming passengers.

3. Integrations with Servers and Feeds: Power BI utilizes diverse sources of information for sourcing data. It could use API requests from social media, connect with inventory databases, and derive info from RSS feeds. Power BI is compatible with all Microsoft products. eCommerce sites based on SQL servers can display data in one central location enabling the decision-makers to get analytical dashboards on different criteria, including sales, purchase history, inventory shortage, etc.

4. Power Platform to Regulate Data Flow: The Power Platform enables tools like PowerApps and Power Automate to create data flow systems that help in analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI. These tools collectively enhance data collection and analyze data sets aligned with the inherent low-code philosophy proposed by Microsoft.

5. AI Capabilities: Power BI leverages Azure Cognitive Services and its AI capabilities to extract sentiment analysis, language detection, and image tagging features to aid social media site owners to analyze posts, reviews, and comments for assessing sentiments. The tools ensures unbiased measurement for measuring the success and efficacy of diverse campaigns.

How Heathrow Airport Streamlined its Services with Power BI?

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in terms of passenger footfalls. That brings with it a unique set of challenges in the efficient management of airport operations. Different departments need to be in complete sync to offer the best passenger experience. There can be several issues that hamper smooth functioning.

Some of these are beyond one’s control, like stormy weather.

They needed a digital management system hosted centrally. The system would analyse truckloads of data generated as the scope of operations are wide. It would then transform that data into visual insights for better operations management.

The Heathrow group opted for Power BI for business intelligence and Azure for cloud services. Azure would collect data related to back-end operations like weather tracking, baggage scanning, and check-in counters. The data from the systems would then go to Power BI, which generates insights that aid in better decision-making.

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The tool helped in transforming raw data into visually rich insights with the help of graphs and statistics. It helped various airport staff like air traffic controllers and baggage handlers to improve their processes.

Let us further understand the scenario with the help of a real-life example. Imagine there is a technical snag, and a plane gets stranded on one of the runways. Now, it will also hamper the movement of outbound flights. Thousands of passengers would have to wait at the airport at the same time.

A tool like Power BI can take charge of the situation. Using it as a centralised information system, airport authorities can pass on the information to baggage controllers, food outlets, gate staff, and much more. They can accordingly prepare themselves to handle the extra load of passengers. 

Advanced planning is a win-win situation for both the operational staff and passengers. It is because passengers’ needs can be taken care of without any hassles. Power BI has proven that offering a hassle-free experience to passengers at one of the busiest airports is no longer a challenging prospect.

Why Power BI Is the Future for Intelligent Decision Making?

The demand for data-driven decision-making will continue to increase in the future as businesses realize its importance. Power BI will continue to be a valuable data visualization tool. As it also has the backing of Microsoft, it will only evolve into a better solution to tackle future problems. The integration with Power BI will become the need for all futuristic organizations that want to improve their decision-making skills.

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