Regarding cloud computing, Azure Migrations Services is the game changer. After all, there’s no dearth of benefits of Azure Migration– Scalability, enhanced security, improved productivity, predictable costs, and maximum flexibility, to name a few. But most enterprises find the process of Azure cloud migration complicated and intimidating. After all, just like any other transition, it also demands some technical expertise. 

Having dedicated Azure Migration Support by your side can make the entire transition quick, easy, and easy to comprehend. Not only can Microsoft Azure consulting and migration experts help you build an effective cloud migration strategy, but they can also help you overcome all the technical challenges that come with any new technology.        

This blog will uncover some of the most common challenges enterprises face during Azure cloud migration and how an experienced service provider can enable a smooth and effective transition. 

Challenges that Enterprises Face During Azure Cloud Migration 

    1. Lack of Familiarity with the New Interface

 Microsoft Azure is a revolutionary technology loaded with multiple new features and functionalities different from traditional and local hosting infrastructures. For a smooth transition, the administrator needs to understand the unique features of Azure accurately. The task becomes difficult and time-consuming when done in isolation, without expert help.  

    1. Local Bandwidth Issues 

IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platforms like Azure demand different bandwidth provisioning. For example, the traffic that previously ran over low-latency, high-speed LAN with Microsoft Azure will now run over the WAN. The inability to comprehend and change the local bandwidth could become a bottleneck in successful Azure migration. 

    1. Unplanned System Downtime 

When migrating to a new technology, downtime is inevitable. However, many enterprises fail to accurately estimate the rest that each migration step will cause and do not plan and schedule their tasks accordingly, leading to serious service interruptions and loss of work and productivity.  

    1. Application Snags 

Most enterprise applications today have external dependencies. For example, they depend on external databases for their functioning. However, not all external connections and databases are compatible with Azure and could be invalidated if enterprises take the plunge. For a successful transition, upgrading your legacy software and applications is essential to the latest requirements. 

    1. Time, Cost, and Data Safety 

Cloud migration is a slow, time-consuming process. Without accurate planning, it could consume many man-hours, which is not only an expensive affair but could even leave the enterprise data – located on local servers – vulnerable to cyber threats. 

So, though migration to Azure is a simple task, underestimating the entire process might backfire. It is necessary to analyze your current databases, applications, and servers and prepare your intranet for a smooth migration.  

Ways To Ensure Successful Azure Cloud Migration 

For a successful migration, always plan. Carefully look into your systems and build a successful Azure migration strategy. Here’s what we should do: 

    1. Ascertain Application Compatibility 

Compatibility is a critical consideration for a successful migration. So, before you plan a migration, carefully check all your applications and ensure they are compatible with the Azure platform.  

    1. Ensure Strong Connectivity

      The speed of migration depends on the strength of your connection. It is common for businesses to overestimate the quality of their connectivity, which can lead to severe bottlenecks during the migration process.  

So, optimize the speed of your network and ensure you are migrating to Azure using a stable, secure, and high-speed connection. 

    1. Create a Test Group 

 Cloud migration comes with downtime and service disruptions. You must test your strategy on a subset of users to prevent users from getting affected. This will help you identify risks and resolve any issues before migrating your entire enterprise or disrupting any critical work during the process. 

    1. Prepare your Intranet for Cloud Migration 

Before planning your infrastructure and application migration, it is essential to fully secure your database to prevent any data loss. Creating a virtual private network and ensuring end-to-end encryption can help organizations migrate to a secure environment.  

    1. Develop Technological Competencies

       <spandata-contrast=”auto”>Like any other new technology, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing comes with its own set of terms and abbreviations. To make the most out of this technology, it is essential to train your employees on Azure so that they feel comfortable and confident with the new technology.   

Azure Migration Services prove to be your safest bet. Your technology partner can guide you through every step of cloud migration while ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and productivity. 

How Our Azure Migration Services Can Help? 

While Azure migration could get a little intimidating for enterprises, we make sure you don’t have to do it alone. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we can help you make a secure and confident migration to the Azure cloud. We leverage our expert knowledge and decades of experience to help clients simplify their cloud migration journey. Some of the most significant benefits of partnering with us include the following: 

Streamlined Process 

Our Azure consulting and migration experts empower you with the right tools and technologies to make your enterprise migration process as smooth as possible. They even optimize your systems to help you easily migrate to the Azure cloud. 

Maximum Security 

Data safety is what we continuously strive for. Our enterprise digitization experts carefully evaluate all your current assets to ascertain their stability, security, and compatibility with the revolutionary Microsoft Azure platform. 

Hassle-Free Migration 

We do not follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our experts review every aspect of your migration to create a detailed strategy that works best for your unique enterprise needs. 

Continuous Training and Support 

We work as an extension of your team. From creating strategizes to ensuring seamless migration to optimizing your cloud infrastructure and providing personalized support, our experts do all the heavy lifting so that you can work on growing and expanding your business.   

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority? 

At Flatworld Edge, we are Microsoft Certified Partners with a global footprint. We have 10+ years of experience helping thousands of clients make a smooth transition to the Azure cloud. We can empower you with all the tools, technologies, and support you need for successful application migration, infrastructure migration, application and management, DevOps implementation, and consulting. 

Connect with us to learn how Microsoft Azure Migration can help your business stay at the forefront of technology.