Azure customers often face a number of challenges while migrating to the platform. These include lack of a proper migrating azure strategy, and the company not being prepared enough to make the switch to the cloud. This may derail the entire cloud migration process and result in the unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Azure Migration Services help you to migrate to the platform seamlessly. The service providers have the necessary experience to avoid the mistakes that most companies make while migrating to cloud.

10 Reasons to Select Azure Migration Services

1. Cloud Strategy

One of the biggest benefits of Azure migrations services is that you will have highly experienced experts charting out a well-defined cloud migration strategy.

This strategy will consider all the important elements of the process. These include the funding and the training requirements your organization needs to make the move successful.

It will also include a detailed and time-bound plan. Such a plan will show the way to successfully migrate to Azure cloud with least interruptions.

2. Cloud Architecture

It is critical that you choose the right cloud architecture (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS) to ensure a successful Microsoft Azure migration. Azure Migration Services will help you make the right choice based on important variables. Some of these variables are:

  • Current technology
  • Management tools
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Pricing and Billing method

Their professional will also take a look at all the aspects of your business both present and future, before making a recommendation to you.

3. Applications

Microsoft Azure cloud isn’t compatible with many applications. These applications are mostly the legacy applications, which use outdated software and archaic development models. It could also be a custom-made software. Both are totally not designed for cloud migrations.

Azure migration services will be very helpful to you in this scenario. They will assist you to move your important business applications to cloud-supporting technologies before migrating to Azure cloud.

4. Cloud Usage

In Azure cloud support, you pay according to your usage. This means you could be paying for more storage than you actually need. Think multiple copies of databases, unnecessary data, varying data models, etc.

Azure migration services will help you optimize your applications and the data contained in them to the cloud. Thus, the cost to store them on the cloud will also come down.

5. Downtime

Downtime is a part and parcel of the Azure migration process. Zero downtime isn’t a realistic expectation at all. Therefore, it’s better to plan for it.




Azure migration services will help you calculate the downtime involved in each phase of migration. Their professionals will do their best to make sure its well spread out and is as minimal as possible.

6. Employee Training

Many of your employees may not be familiar with cloud technology or may have never had hands-on experience with it. This may make them hesitant to make the switch to Azure cloud support.

Azure migration services often includes employee training. Their experts will train your employees on how to use the cloud environment most productively and securely.

Employee training

7. Phase Wise Migration

When it comes to Azure cloud migration, phase wise migration is the best way to do it. Migrating everything could at once may not work out for your organisation. There are many risks to cloud migration such as losing control over processes and data leak, etc.

Azure migration services will facilitate phase-wise migration seamlessly. Their Azure professionals will adopt the safe practise of migrating the less important data first.  This presents the scope to correct errors before they can wreak havoc. This phase-wise approach goes a long way in protecting data and ensuring compliance.

8. Data Back-Up

You’d be surprised to know how many businesses start the azure cloud migration process without backing up the data. They feel that their data is 100% safe when stored in the cloud, and there are no threats of data removal and corruption. But the truth is, you can lose your data due to a natural disaster or a software bug.

Azure migration services helps you prepare for the worst. They develop a plan that will help you recover data if anything unforeseen happens. It will also enable you to constantly back-up your data.

9. Cost-Efficient

A full time professional will probably cost you more than hiring Azure migration services. The professional will not only command a high salary. There will also be added employee benefits costs.

On the other hand, when you take the help of Azure cloud support companies, you save a lot of money. You only pay for the Azure cloud migration process and during the period you need their services.

10. Core Business Activities

As we have seen Azure cloud migration requires meticulous planning and strategic decision making. This is not to say that you can not do it with your internal team. But doing so will take away a lot of focus from their core tasks.

When you hire Azure migration services, your team can continue doing their tasks and enjoy the benefits of working on the cloud.

How We Assist You with Our Azure Cloud Migration Services

As a certified partner of Microsoft, we offer top-notch Azure cloud migration services to businesses of all sizes. We have in place a streamlined process that can be customized to suit our client’s needs. At the onset, our team carries out a thorough assessment of the assets of your environment. They then recommend the right hardware and software components. The certified experts then carry out the migration process.

When they have successfully migrated your data and applications to Azure cloud, they spend time looking for innovative ways to make your system performance optimal. They are also responsible for customizing the Azure platform in accordance with your requirement.

Ensuring data security, privacy and compliance is important to us. We therefor monitor all the components regularly to ensure that they are working to their best capacity.

We also help our client to protect their data in any event. We help our client to back-up their data.  To make sure that the back-up works fine, we test the same.

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Flatworld Edge has over 10 years’ experience in providing Azure migration services to clients across the worlds. Our other services include Cross Platform App Development, Microsoft Office 365 migration, etc.

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