Jim is an IT professional who works in a manufacturing firm. The organization is years away from automation and does not have well-defined workflows in slack for its IT team. As a result, much of Jim’s time goes behind attending mundane employee requests that pop up at random times. If you are like Jim and his manufacturing firm, chances are your team is not working at its productive best.

We are living in times of automation, and servicing routine tasks, which can get aligned through appropriate workflows, should be the last thing on the IT team’s plate. This article shows how you can use ServiceNow, a leading cloud computing platform, and Slack, a proprietary business communication tool, to deliver supreme ITSM-related workflows.

What is Slack?

Slack is a professional communication tool created solely for businesses. It serves as a hub that allows teams to collaborate and communicate. Slack has a host of features, including instant messaging, group chats, and the ability for voice and video calls. It is available on all major operating systems such as Mac, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and major web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Why is Slack important?

Slack connects the employees of an organization to collaborate on tasks from wherever they are located. Users can work on tasks in their own time. It is an all-inclusive application through which users can share important information with everyone at once.

How to integrate ServiceNow and Slack?

Slack partners with the most innovative businesses in the industry, and ServiceNow is one of them. Building a ‘Slack Flow’ in the ServiceNow integration hub makes it possible to integrate both systems.

One of the other top slack app integrations features with ServiceNow is Slack Spoke. Through this feature, users can communicate problems effectively. Incidents can be recorded too. Various Slack actions can be used through this feature.

Through the ‘Now Actions’ ServiceNow Slack integration feature in the ServiceNow workspace, users can receive notifications and updates in their Slack accounts. What’s more, they may even collaborate on tasks without having to leave their workspace.

Another top integration feature that the ServiceNow ITSM platform provides Slack with is the ‘Virtual Agent.’ It is a chatbot service that turns repetitive questions into a list of customized questions and answers as FAQs. This feature is beneficial for IT help desks and the Human Resources department. It allows them to be free from answering those repetitive questions and focus on more important tasks instead.

ServiceNow and Slack collaborate to improve Machine Learning features too.  This will improve the productivity levels in the organization while providing complete transparency on practices. 

How ServiceNow and Slack Integrate In ITSM for Improved Results 

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ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform that transforms the way IT teams manage and troubleshoot issues. The platform offers a streamlined workflow system ideal for various teams, including IT, HR, and customer support. When it comes to the application of ServiceNow in IT teams, its role is far and wide.

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It is not only about people who manage the service desks, but also about each employee. ServiceNow Slack launched the integration for ServiceNow to streamline IT service management. Users can get done with everything without ever leaving the Slack platform. IT teams can manage requests directly on Slack channels, which allow sharing of messages, files, and tools.

The integration offers a comprehensive user experience of the Slack platform. Users can expect better streamlining and organization of records-related communication. It leads to an improvement in the incident response system and the overall ITSM in ServiceNow experience.

43% of Fortune 100 businesses have a paid Slack subscription. The daily count of individual users using the platform is more than 10 million.

Benefits of ServiceNow Slack Integration

Here are the tangible benefits that the slack integration with ServiceNow offers:

  • Quick Issue Redressal

If your employees need IT support, they can use the Slack platform to create a ServiceNow Incident. They can use it for reasons like resetting the password, seeking help for hardware support or even reporting an outage. All they have to do is create an Incident from a message on the Slack channel through message shortcuts. Alternatively, they can use the Shortcuts menu to create one.

Users can also initiate a conversation surrounding that topic after creating the ServiceNow Incident. Users can note down suggestions offered by fellow users regarding the incident. It helps them in solving the problem on their own. The integration allows IT teams to focus better as they do not have to switch platforms.

  • Record Keeping

The ServiceNow and Slack integration offer excellent search options. Users can find old records through a short description or record ID. For ease of discovering answers better, the results remain sorted by the type of records. Users can then share those records on a Slack channel to seek the opinion of others.

  • Service Catalog Accessibility

Users can access the various items from ServiceNow Service Catalog without leaving the Slack platform. They can check the available software and hardware, their details and place an order right there. Approvers can also keep a check on what items need their attention.

  • Customized Incident Workflows

Customization is a vital aspect as the functioning of IT departments can vary with each company. The Workflow Builder feature of ServiceNow allows IT teams to customize their operations that suit everyone’s needs. Users can start workflows on Slack itself. 

IT teams can automatically create incident channels and capture ServiceNow incidents in Slack. They can also send messages to users when an incident gets created from a workflow. Teams also have an option to use other apps to trigger incidents based on a response from Slack.

The integration has simplified the lives of IT teams keeping in mind the need for a quick response system. It enables seamless collaboration and streamlines ITSM through automation.

  • Automated Approvals

The message actions feature of ServiceNow allows users to manage approvals through direct messages or the Slack platform. It is a new feature where users can take action on ServiceNow alerts without leaving Slack. 

Users can react to the ServiceNow alerts through a single button and continue doing their work. There is no need for users to waste any time and effort filling any forms or switching between platforms and browsers.

  • Virtual Agent

The Virtual Agent feature of ServiceNow is a chatbot through which users can get their queries solved. Queries can range from fixing a software issue or getting their hardware replaced. The platform uses AI and text analysis to filter queries and respond to them through predefined answers.

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Service teams get the much-needed breather by automating these mundane tasks. They can concentrate on other important work and boost their productivity. It also becomes possible to address other issues that require more attention. 

On the Slack platform, the Virtual Agent is available as a bot. Users can request support right on Slack without losing their focus by switching to another application or browser.

ServiceNow customers that use ITSM, ISOM, and Performance Analytics get over 195% of ROI in a period of three years..

Who We Are and What Makes Us a Preferred ServiceNow Partner?

FlatworldEDGE is a preferred ServiceNow provider that can help your team coordinate better and work faster. We will help you realize the true potential of ServiceNow and Slack integration through a list of tools that you can integrate. The increased number of ServiceNow features in Slack means that you can streamline your ITSM workflow operations for top-notch service.

Your employees will also be a happy lot when they find all the information on a single platform. It will lead to better productivity for your employees and IT teams, which will be a win-win situation for everyone. 

For more details on how we can help you to deliver better ITSM workflows, contact us today.

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