Organizations across the board are switching to the cloud in a bid to be more efficient and perform better. According to a research by Gartner, the cloud will host 95% of workloads in 2025, as opposed to 30% in 2021. This growth can be attributed to the versatility of cloud platforms, as it scalable, secure, cost-efficient and the fact that it makes data easy to recover if a disaster strikes.

Migration to the cloud

Migration to the cloud is carried out with help of tools. There are a host of tools that will help you migrate to the cloud. These include both free and paid tools.  However, it is critical that you chose a cloud migration tool after a lot of deliberation.

It should be one that gives you the flexibility to address your use case. Else there is always a good chance that your migration project will go nowhere.

Choosing A Cloud Migration Tool that Will Give You the Required Flexibility

Here’s a checklist of questions that will help you arrive at the right decision:

  • Can you move any type of workload (physical, virtual, or cloud-based) into a public, private or hybrid cloud?
  • Does it require you to install updates manually?
  • Will you be able to migrate using virtual machines?
  • Can you migrate only the date to the cloud and not the whole application?
  • Does the provider of the cloud migration tool provide you 24×7 support?
  • Does it have both block-based and filed-based migration capabilities available?
  • Can the connectivity you have (S2S, VPN, Reverse Proxy) support the migration?
  • Do you have total visibility and control when the migration is in progress?

What are the 8 best Cloud Migration Tools in the Industry?

1. AppDynamics

This cloud migration tool from the house of Cisco is known for its pre- and post-migration metrics. Its key benefits include end to end migration support. It also helps you identify any UX issue and is compatible with most cloud platforms like AWS, SAP, IBM, etc.

AppDynamics Flow Map

2. AWS Migration Services

While AWS too offers end-to-end migration support, its major drawback is that it works only withing AWS cloud environments. What stands out about this cloud migration tool is that migrate workloads in bulk owing to its awesome automation capabilities.

3. Azure

The significant characteristic of the Azure cloud migration tool is a central dashboard where you can track and manage the migration progress.  However, this tool is only compatible with Azure environments.

Migration planning

4. Carbonite Migrate

The best thing about this cloud migration tool is that it works with all operating systems and most cloud-platforms. It lets you test the new environments unlimitedly. You also get valuable insights from its Console.

5. Google Cloud Migration Tool

The Google cloud migration tool includes a whole range of tools designed to help cloud migration. These include distinct tools for migrating data, and migrating applications. It also has a dedicated product for updating infrastructure. However, it is not compatible with non-Google environment.

6. Turbonomic

It is a cloud migration tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is compatible with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It provides extremely precise insights to help you enhance application performance.

7. UnifyCloud CloudAtlas

A migration tool specifically made to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, it supports the migration of both content systems and user configurations to the cloud. It provided end-to end support in all of the stages of migration such as planning, monitoring, and budgeting.

8. Cloudsfer

This is a rare cloud migration tool in the sense it supports over 20 cloud storage platforms. You also get assistance from the provider in migrating metadata. Its migration processes are scalable and is meant for migrations of content systems exclusively.

How Do We Help You Make the Most of Your Cloud Migration Tool

Our migration experts have helped companies of all sizes migrate to the cloud successfully. Our services have enabled them to make the transit seamlessly, while ensuring 100% data security and integrity.

We have in place custom created processes that help you make the most of your investment in cloud migration tool. It enables us to transfer both legacy and on-premises applications to the cloud in the smoothest manner possible.

To ensure that your chosen cloud environment is compatible with the system you use, our professionals provide you pro-active support in the form of capacity estimation, redundancy planning etc.

Once the migration process is over, our professionals make sure they spend a lot of time in optimizing the system. We also continually monitor the components regularly to make sure they the working to the best of their capacity.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority?

Flatworld Edge has many years’ experience helping clients migrate to the cloud seamlessly. We have 8 global delivery centers scattered across the globe, to ensure that you receive our services on time.

Apart from cloud migration services we also offer Cross Platform App Development, Microsoft Office 365 migration, Power BI Solutions, Service Now Services, Testing Services, Infrastructure Management, Software Development, etc.